Company profile

About us

MENTOREL is an engineering company. We design and manufacture electronic products as well as do different projects for customers around the world.
We think of ourselves as a healthy mixture of experienced engineers, advanced products and competitive prices, thanks to our base Hong Kong. Our engineering teams are packed with experienced, adaptable engineers, many of whom have previously worked in the hi-tech labs and at major global engineering names. If you’re an OEM contact us and we can see if we can offer you competitive products or services.

How is MENTOREL different?

We’re hungrier!
MENTOREL is a medium-size provider of ODM services. We want your business and are willing to go ‘the extra mile’ as they say, to get it, and then keep it. Unlike our bigger, slower-moving competitors, we can adapt on the fly to your requests and mobilize quickly.

High quality but at Lower costs – the best of both worlds
Just like when we buy our parts/services, we reckon quality is your main concern, right? But costs are important too? Well, MENTOREL has an edge here – our advanced R&D center is located in Asia, where labor costs are much more competitive but quality is at a high level. We offer the best of both worlds.