Somiqboard is Beagleboard compatible platform designed to carry new System on Module family SomIQ. The board features industry standard interfaces like High-Speed USB 2.0, USB-OTG, HDMI (DVI-D), SD/MMC, LCD-TFT signals as well as an audio codec with sound capture and stereo in/out, S-Video output and CCD extension connector for Leopard Imagine camera modules.

To enable third party accessories compatible with Beagleboard-XM or Pandaboard we added three expansion connectors (IO and LCD) which are 100% compatible in electrical and mechanical parameters with Beagleboard-XM or Pandaboard if you use the SomIQ-AM37 module.

Compatible products from global suppliers:

Power supplies

  • P1 – 5VDC, 2-3A
  • B1 – RTC battery (not populated)

SomIQ connectors

  • X2/X3 connectors

Video output

  • P10 – HDMI (DVI-D only)
  • P13 – Composite and S-Video output
  • P11/P12 – 24 bit LCD signals (Beagleboard-xM compatible)


  • P4 – USB OTG (MiniUSB-AB)

    • Device Mode by default
    • Host mode. Special cable is needed to pull down the ID line or a resistor R100 soldering is necessary (0 Ohm).
  • P2 – USB-serial by FT232RL, MiniUSB-B connector
  • P6/P5 – dual USB-A (USB-Host x4 chip is on board)


  • P14 – Stereo Line IN
  • P15 – Mono Mic IN
  • P16 – Stereo Out 0.5 Watt
  • P17 – Stereo Line Out


  • P7 – Ethernet 10/100 from the SomIQ controller
  • P8 – Onboard Ethernet 10/100 by LAN9221 (not populated in rev.2)


GPIO extensions

  • P9 – Beagleboard compatible connector: MCBSP1/3, MMC2, I2C2


  • P3 – MicroSD card connector

Quick start guide:

Somiqboard v2 schematics (pdf):

Somiqboard v2 full Altium Dxp project:
The project is open source and hosted at

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