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MENTOREL Limited has been established in 2011 in Hong Kong as a design house for cutting edge electronics. During next two years we got two dozens of projects from local factories and could start production for own products. We decided to focus on a new stream in global electronics – systems on module. Systems on module let your engineers create very complex devices fast and with predictable level of risks because Mentorel supplies you a Software BSP including a huge number of examples as well as reference designs. The use of ready templates both in software and hardware reduces risks and makes it easier to reach the market faster than competitors, collect user’s feedback and make new releases.
Mentorel has more than 90 clients around the world, including China mainland, USA, Russia, India, Brazil. Our clients are mainly manufacturing companies and factories which products are industrial controllers, automotive tools and equipment. In addition to OEMs we supply products to design houses where engineers offer designs based on our products. You can find our products in the Russian sport car MARUSSIA, navigation and steering devices for grain harvesters, and many other products.

If you’d like to find out more about our services or our products please use the contact information that you can find here. We have extensive contacts in the industry, so if we can’t help you directly, we’ll connect you with someone who can.

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